"Natural Selections came in the mail this afternoon and I've been reading it off and on since it arrived. I see myself, my mother, my father, my children, my life. It never fails to amaze me how an accomplished author, painter, musician, sculptor, or poet can touch a minute of their life and connect with mine. This is a real treasure!
  Lyn Jones
Educational Psychologist
"Elaine Mintzer's voice moves confindently through a range of tones-delight, lament,and wry observation, to name only a few. Here, memory, intelligence, and love investigate powerfully the ways in which the past both eludes and completes the present ."
  Jan Wilkotz
Professor of English, Towson University
"The eye of each poem sees clearly below the surface of daily life."
  Stellasue Lee
Poetry editor, RATTLE
"There is a wit and intelligence running through these poems. They carry me forward from page to page, fascinated to see what is next. "

Jean Katz
Author, Chaos and Dancing Stars

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